Dr. Kaplan Performs Shoulder Replacement Surgery with Real-Time Intra-Operative Navigation

Doctor Kaplan performing shoulder surgery

Dr. Kaplan, the Fellowship Director at the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center, is the first surgeon in the Indianapolis metropolitan area to perform patient-specific shoulder replacement surgery with real-time intra-operative navigation.

Using the Exactech GPS (Guided Personalized Surgery) tools, Dr. Kaplan first obtained a CT scan of the patient’s shoulder. The Exactech Pre-Planning software then created a 3-Dimensional model of the patient’s arthritic joint which Dr. Kaplan used to plan the surgery ahead of time.

Seeing the patient’s actual 3D anatomy, Dr. Kaplan was able to select the best size and location of the artificial joint implants that would best re-create the patient’s natural anatomy.

The interesting part is what happened next. During the surgery, the Exactech GPS Navigation system allowed Dr. Kaplan to visualize the patients 3D bone model and pre-selected implants, then make precision bone cuts so that the implants would be placed exactly as planned.

Active trackers are mounted on the patient and the surgical instruments bringing the 3D model to life. Dr. Kaplan could then see exactly where to remove arthritic bone, place holes to accept the new implants, and ensure the artificial joint matched the pre-operative plan and patient’s anatomy.

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According to Dr. Kaplan, “The ability to have GPS guidance in surgery will likely revolutionize joint replacement surgery just as GPS guidance has revolutionized driving.”

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