Nerve Injury and Limb Pain Program

Numbness, weakness, burning, throbbing, squeezing, cramping, itching—everyone experiences limb pain or dysfunction differently after a peripheral nerve injury. 

The IHTSC physicians have been providing state of the art care for patients with complex nerve injuries for over 50 years.  The specialists of the Nerve Injury and Limb pain Program at the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center provide the most up-to-date treatments, and advanced surgical solutions for easing nerve pain, improving strength and mobility, and restoring sensation and function in both the upper and lower limbs.

man grabbing arm with nerve pain

What We Do

IHTSC’s Nerve Injury and Limb Pain Program and its multidisciplinary team is here to help those suffering from pain or loss of function for upper or lower extremity complex nerve injuries. We are here to help you identify the underlying cause of your numbness, weakness, and any associated nerve pain, to create a comprehensive, customized plan for treating your nerve injury.

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Who We Are

The Nerve Injury and Limb Pain Program at the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center is dedicated to helping those who have experienced loss due to trauma or amputation of the upper and lower extremities. Our renowned surgeons provide comprehensive, collaborative, multidisciplinary care to help patients regain function after devastating injuries.

The nationally and internationally renowned surgeons at the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center are dedicated to research, education, and innovation that directly impacts patients’ lives. Surgeons within our Program are preeminent researchers in the field of nerve surgery and are dedicated to providing contemporary care for patients with limb trauma.

Who We Treat

Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, don’t give up. We may be able to help you find more lasting relief so you can move through everyday life—more comfortably—after trauma, amputation, or previous surgery. 

Our program is designed to help patients through all stages of their nerve injury with innovative approaches to operative treatments and conservative care.

An individualized approach is taken to each patient, taking time to understand the unique circumstances of both the injury and daily needs, in order to develop a collaborative treatment plan that addresses their individual goals.

I was going through pain every day, all day long. After surgery, I was able to get back to work.  I felt really good. I can provide for my family again. That means a lot to me.

— Benjamin, nerve injury patient