Active 80-Year-Old Can Do It All After Wrist Replacement Surgery

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Husband, father, grandfather. Veteran. Farmer, welder, ironworker, and mill worker. Singer, guitarist, and drummer. Outdoorsman. Hotrod restorer. For Doug K., wearing many hats took its toll on his joints. But, this jack-of-all-trades wasn’t going to let arthritis pain slow him down. After having world-class wrist replacement surgery, Doug regained function and got back to doing everything he loves.

This is his story.

Doug K.’s Patient Story

Hometown: Roann, IN

Age: 80

Life as a Modern-Day Renaissance Man

Nowadays, my wife and I come and go as we please.

Of course, one of the reasons we can run around like we’re kids again is because of Dr. Jeff Greenberg. He gave me back my wrists and hands.

Before I saw Dr. Greenberg for wrist replacement surgery, my hands and wrists were swollen from arthritis. I looked like a disfigured action figure.

Today, I have 98% of my strength back in my wrists, and that’s amazing. I don’t even know the replacements are there.

Dr. Greenberg brought my hands and wrists right back.

Finding the Best Wrist Pain Doctor

When I started having wrist pain, I asked my knee doctor for a recommendation, and he suggested that I see Dr. Greenberg. He said he was the best wrist doctor in the world. I trusted his advice, but I still did some research. I’m pretty thorough, and I have to say I liked everything I read about him.

Also, I checked with my grandson and two granddaughters. They work in the medical field at different hospitals, so they can nose around and find out information for me. Everyone told them that Dr. Greenberg is the guy to go to.

Once I got to IHTSC, I even asked other nurses what they thought about him. It didn’t matter who I pulled aside. They all sang his praises. All the staff had only wonderful things to say.

There’s a reason that Dr. Greenberg is the number one wrist surgeon, and I like knowing I got the best.

“I’d Recommend Him 100%”

If you need help with wrist pain, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend seeing Dr. Greenberg, especially if you need wrist replacement surgery.

He is the easiest doctor to talk to. Dr. Greenberg is very intelligent, but he can speak to people in any circle, and he’ll always get to the point.

I appreciated that I could ask him any questions and get answers I understood. He will tell you how bad your wrist will hurt after surgery. Dr. Greenberg is always honest, and that’s really important. 

He is a great guy and a fantastic surgeon. Dr. Greenberg sets the standard for other wrist specialists. His method of doing things to treat wrist pain is recognized around the world. He doesn’t make mistakes.

From my experience, it’s clear why Dr. Greenberg is—and always has been—on the cutting-edge of technology when it comes to wrist replacement surgery. I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else.

He is the number one wrist surgeon, period.

Life After Wrist Replacement Surgery

I tell people, “I got more scars on me than Thanksgiving turkey.”

Before I had my wrists replaced, I had both my knees done, heart surgery, three cancer procedures, and I even got an artificial shoulder—but I don’t complain. I know I’m lucky because I can get out there and do it every day.

Sometimes people ask me, “How did you get through it all?” Well, I just tell them that it’s because I’m tougher than woodpecker lips. You have to have fun with life.

It’s important to me for people to know what this great man—Dr. Greenberg—gave me back.

Without my hands and wrist, I wouldn’t be able to go fishing, play rockabilly music, or go hot-rodding with my wife in my red Chevy truck. I can work in my shop once more, and I’m making things all the time. I’m able to be in there for 12 hours straight.

Since my wrist replacement surgery, I can do it all again. I’m living life to its fullest.

Thank you, Dr. Greenberg.

Is Wrist Replacement Surgery Right for You?

Wrist replacement surgery can deliver pain relief and bring back mobility for some people with advanced joint arthritis.

A good wrist specialist can diagnose your condition and walk you through all the options to ensure you get the best possible care.

For the most severe cases like Doug K.’s—where patients have crippling wrist pain, disability, and muscle weakness and where conservative treatments haven’t helped—surgical solutions, such as wrist replacement surgery, may be recommended to relieve pressure and bring relief.

Experts in Wrist Pain Relief

Since 1971, patients from across Indiana and throughout the United States have trusted Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center’s exceptional wrist specialists.

It’s like I went back 30 years in life. My wrist replacement surgery has just been a blessing to me. Everything turned out great. I need my hands and wrists, and—with Dr. Greenberg’s help—I got them back.”

What Makes IHTSC Different?

We specialize in treating patients with all types of hand and wrist pain. In fact, our unsurpassed expertise is so acclaimed that we’re often the upper extremity specialists that other doctors turn to when they need care—for themselves or their patients.

Can IHTSC Treat My Wrist Condition?

IHTSC is the right place to come when you need the best wrist care.

Whether your wrist pain is due to an injury or medical condition, our experienced team has the know-how and training necessary for successfully treating common shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand problems as well more obscure, severe, and complex disorders.

How Do I See an IHTSC Wrist Specialist?

Take back control of your wrists. To schedule by phone, call us at (317) 751-5904. Or, request an appointment online

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