Pediatric Hand & Upper Extremity Care

Kids are amazing, aren’t they? Always running, jumping, and exploring. But, sometimes, they take a tumble or face unique health challenges. That’s where our team of pediatric hand and upper extremity specialists can step in and help. Our team has the expertise and experience to help kids of all ages—from babies to teens—with routine orthopedic care and everything from Little League shoulders and dislocated elbows to complex congenital disorders and tumors. 

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Pediatric hand being examined by doctor

Common Pediatric Conditions & Injuries

Growing Up Shouldn’t Hurt 

From conservative approaches to the most cutting-edge technologies, we offer a full spectrum of advanced treatment options for a wide range of pediatric hand and upper extremity conditions and injuries, including:

Meet Our Pediatric Care Team

Dr. Kathryn PeckLeading our pediatric specialists is Dr. Kathryn M. Peck. She stands out with her unique training combination in pediatric hand and upper extremity care, pediatric orthopedics, and brachial plexus treatment, a skill set unmatched by any other specialist in Indiana.

Our pediatric-specific therapy is delivered by highly trained therapists, ensuring more personalized and individualized care. We pride ourselves on offering timely consultations, often sooner than our competitors. 

With the flexibility to operate at various locations, including Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital & Riley Outpatient Center (ROC), we aim to make access to our expert pediatric services as convenient as possible for parents and caregivers.

FAQs About Pediatric Hand & Upper Extremity Care

Do You Treat All Kids (Infant to Age 18)?

Yes. We also do prenatal consultations.

Do You Offer Second Opinion Consultations for Pediatric Patients?

Absolutely! Second-opinion pediatric consultations are a big part of what we do. We're also here for those times when things don't go as planned with previous treatments or surgeries from other providers. 

It's all about making things right and getting the best care for your child. That's where our expertise really shines—in fixing and improving the care needed to help your little one.

Who Will My Child See at Their Appointment?

All of our doctors can handle routine pediatric hand and upper extremity issues and trauma cases, but Dr. Peck stands out when it comes to specialized care. She did additional training in pediatrics and congenital conditions, making her our go-to expert for these more complex needs.

Do You Collaborate With Other Providers in the Area?

In cases when our young patients need a bit more care, like multiple surgeries, we're big on collaboration and work hand-in-hand with other pediatric orthosurgeons in the area to make sure everything goes smoothly. We've got a great network of partners at St. Vincent, Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, Riley Pediatric Orthopedics, and OrthoIndy.

Our team likes to focus on what's best for each child, ensuring they get the care they need in those trickier situations.

Dr. Peck is an amazing doctor who truly cares about her patients and goes out of her way to meet every need or concern you may have. She is hands down one of the best. Highly recommended!

Every Kid Deserves a Pain-free, Joyful Childhood

At Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center, we understand the concerns you face when your child is dealing with pediatric hand and upper extremity injuries or congenital disorders. Our specialists are here to provide precise diagnosis, effective treatments, and compassionate care for common and challenging conditions. 


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