Tips for Safe Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips

Each year during the fall season, The Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center’s surgeons treat adults and children who suffer from severe hand and finger injuries due to careless pumpkin carving activities. We want you to have a safe Halloween season by following these tips.

  • Adults (not children) should always perform the pumpkin carving. Never let children play with knives or pumpkin carving tools.
  • Utilize pre-packaged pumpkin carving kits (not sharp knives) available at grocery and other stores and online. A serrated pumpkin saw is safer to use than a sharp knife.
  • Prepare a clean, dry surface for carving. Moisture on your hands, tools or table may cause slipping that can lead to injuries.
  • When you start cutting, always cut away from yourself and in small, controlled strokes.
  • Seek emergency care if you cut your hand or wrist while pumpkin carving and cannot stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure.

For all emergencies, CALL 911 immediately.